PA Support

PA Support is all about helping our clients achieve their goals based on the environments around them; like their home or local community.

Types of support include:

Daily living skills, learning independent living skills, travelling independently, library & computer skills, chaperoning to volunteering placements/social activities, visiting places of interest and support with physical wellbeing. Examples could include swimming, gym sessions and other sports.

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“I am more active and can go out on my own more confidently I also do lots more things than I used to do.” A client of ours.

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Community Connecting

This service is designed to be more short-term and focused on supporting the individual to get involved in their local community. This includes tailoring opportunities for work and leisure, and supporting clients to do this independently where possible.

An example would be: Finding out your unique interests and goals, researching related local opportunities available, then trying out different activities together to see which you enjoy.

Ultimately, we want the outcome to be inline with your goals. This could be anything from getting a paid job, taking on a local organisation role or simply finding a new circle of friends.

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“A compassionate, caring service that provides our son with support for his individual needs and continuing personal development.” Nigel - Northampton. Father to a client of ours.


Short breaks enable you to have a change from your daily routine and give parents/carers a break from their role.

We have access to a self-contained apartment based in Northamptonshire where clients can stay for 1-3 nights with round the clock support, or respite services can be arranged further afield.

During a respite break, clients will learn independent living skills and take part in fun tasks, as well as benefitting from an enjoyable time away from their usual activities.

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“Reliable, prompt, caring and considerate. The enjoyment our son has derived and the freedom it has given him to pursue his hobbies and interests. Before we employed Josh and his staff our son spent many hours alone after work and left to his own devises.” Richard Greener - Northampton. Father to a client of ours.